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Everyone has a's ours

LaVish Spa Studio is a safe space fostering health and wellness in various forms for everyone.  Originally, LaVish was about offering services to women over forty. These services would assist them in losing weight and feeling and looking their best throughout that process. That concept was designed by owner, Dichelle Myrick as this was her personal plight dealing with health problems and depression and low esteem as a result of the weight she had gained. Suffering from arthritis and uterine fibroids she, through research learned how massage, and body detox could assist in weight loss and overall health improvement. Determined to help herself through this aging and midlife crises, Dichelle went back to school becoming a massage therapist, weight loss specialist, nutritionist, and v-steam practioner.  Realizing that weight gain and unhealthy eating habbits can also lead to adult acne and other skin issues and that everyone experiences sadness and depression as it relates to the way they look and it absolutely affects the way we feel on a daily basis. 

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